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How does it work?

What is the source of Jobfeed data?

Jobfeed scans millions of online job postings in real-time across employer and staffing agency sites.

The features

Jobfeed offers its customers

  • Millions of websites (job boards, companies and staffing agencies) are monitored and new postings are stored in Jobfeed continuously.

  • Jobfeed accurately determines the number of unique jobs by comparing every new job ad to all the job ads received in the past six weeks. You then have clean and clear search results, but you can still see all postings for a unique job. You can also build reports by number of postings or unique jobs to get a complete analysis of the advertising behaviour of an organisation.

  • Create lists of organizations that you want to track. Copy-paste a list of organizations from your CRM to auto-populate your lists in Jobfeed.

  • By setting up alerts for your saved searches, you will receive the latest matching jobs in your inbox each day. You can also see which jobs have been viewed by the recipients.

  • All job titles are classified to help you analyze the job data. We support our home-grown profession taxonomy, ISCO or country-specific taxonomies like O*NET-SOC (US), SOC (UK) and AMS (Austria). Learn more about Textkernel professions.

  • Analyze and build insights into the skill demand, leveraging Textkernel’s skills taxonomy.

  • Filter out jobs posted by agencies or analyze advertising behaviour by agencies or direct employers.

  • Search and analyze using your own categorizations for professions, regions, industries and education levels (in supported countries).

  • Visualize the advertising behaviour and trends in your market by professions and skills that are in demand, advertising channels used, compensation offered, and regional demand.

  • Aggregate the data on multiple dimensions or timescales and generate Excel reports.

  • Analyze trends going back up to 15 years (depending on the country), or only include postings that are currently active in your search. There are over 1 billion postings in Jobfeed.

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