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AI-Powered Recruitment Software

Connecting People and Jobs Better

Empower your talent acquisition, supercharge business development, and elevate talent management with our leading AI-powered recruitment software.

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Human-AI synergy

5 companies unite for AI-powered technology that advances the HR Tech Industry

Our mission is to empower partners and customers to streamline staffing, recruitment, and HR processes. We achieve this by automating data flows, connecting companies with talent, and providing meaningful insights into talent and labor market data.

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The future of resume parsing

New parsing possibilities with Textkernel’s LLM Parser

A parsing solution that combines Textkernel’s robust, enriched proprietary Parser with Open AI’s ChatGPT for unparalleled accuracy and limitless flexibility in data extraction. Unlock new possibilities in talent acquisition.

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Top software leaders

The first Overall Champion in the Main Software 50 Awards Benelux 2023

Textkernel is proud to be recognized as the first Overall Champion in the Main Software 50 Awards Benelux 2023, the industry benchmark award for software sector success.

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Connect talent and jobs better

Our AI-driven solutions streamline recruitment, delivering enhanced candidate matches, time savings, and improved decision-making. Access valuable insights and make data-backed decisions. Boost efficiency, reduce manual work, and stay ahead in the competitive talent market.


The undisputed industry’s most used parsing engine for accuracy and speed.

Source & Match

We set the gold standard for matching and sourcing accuracy.

Skills Intelligence

Enabling skills-based practices with our powerful taxonomies for streamlined data standardization and automation.

Labor Market Insights

Structured real-time private and labor market data for 15 key markets in North America, Europe, and APAC.

Candidate Engagement

Master candidate communication to engage with candidates quicker and more effectively.

Mid – Office

The mid-office platform for the Staffing Industry.

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Enhance recruitment accuracy and minimize data entry errors with automated data extraction.

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Source & Match

Turn talent data into a competitive edge and valuable asset. Match people and jobs more accurately with the world’s best matching engine.

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Skills Intelligence

Empower businesses, job seekers, and recruiters to anticipate future skill demands and identify efficient paths for upskilling, reskilling, hiring, and talent management.

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Labor Market Insights

Labor market intelligence for data-driven decision-making. Trusted by leading staffing agencies, Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide.

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Candidate Engagement

Effortlessly initiate and manage communication through the entire candidate journey with WhatsApp in your ATS.

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Mid – Office

Transforming staffing operations through a unified portal for onboarding, time capture, time interpretation, and business process automation.

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Why Textkernel?

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We’re your partner to find the perfect fit between talent and opportunity

As a global leader in AI-powered recruitment and talent management solutions for over 20 years, Textkernel has been at the forefront of driving efficiencies in the HR and Staffing & Recruitment industry. Our innovative technologies empower more than 2,500 Staffing & Recruitment agencies, leading employers, job boards, and HR Software Vendors worldwide. This enables them to work smarter, fostering a culture of innovation and faster advancement.

Innovation and expertise

We are at the forefront of AI, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in les technologies RH with easy-to-integrate solutions.

Global reach and proven track record

With a global presence, we provide solutions tailored to diverse markets and languages, serving 2,500 customers and partners worldwide. Our history and industry-leading customers showcase our effectiveness and commitment.

Data security and privacy are paramount

We prioritize data security and privacy, implementing stringent procedures to assure our customers that we handle their data assets with the utmost care. We comply with global AI legislation, including ISO 27001, SOC II, GDPR certification, and the European AI ACT.

People-centric & Responsible AI

Our technology simplifies processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most: connecting the right people with the right jobs. We address bias in talent decisions and promote a more transparent labor market by developing our models with strict principles on applying AI responsibly.

Strategic integration

We’re uniquely positioned to integrate our solutions seamlessly into your existing HR technology ecosystem (100+ ATS and HR software integration).

Trusted by leading global organizations

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