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Corporations competing for the best talent can benefit from the powerful market and competitive insights that Jobfeed brings to your fingertips including:

Anticipate business talent needs with talent intelligence

Don’t wait for business managers to approach you when their talent needs are acute. Incorporate labor market data into your forecasting and workforce planning efforts to ensure that you can proactively support the business with the talent needed to execute strategy. Leverage skill data with Jobfeed so you can better understand how labor market demand for key skills is heating up!

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Augment your competitive strategy with a talent perspective

Anticipate your competitors’ market moves by tracking hiring and job postings. Thanks to Jobfeed, you can better understand the skills and roles your competitors are hiring for and at what locations.

Provide outgoing employees with access to latest new job postings

Exit management - or helping outgoing employees find new employment opportunities - is an important stage of the employee lifecycle that companies can help facilitate. Jobfeed provides not only real-time job postings but also offers a supportive ‘Job Coach’ mode, which allows you to help monitor and provide guidance to those looking for new employment opportunities.

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