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Gain advantage in an intensely competitive market by bringing market expertise and pipeline development tooling to recruiters’ fingertips.

Real-time labor market data you can rely on.


Benefits for Staffing and Recruitment Firms

Staffing and recruitment firms benefit from access to labor market data in a number of important ways.

Grow your business with hiring companies

In an uncertain economy, it can be challenging to quickly pinpoint the industries and employers that require support in acquiring new talent. Jobfeed providers recruiters with real-time information to help identify hiring organizations so you can continue to grow your staffing business.

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Stay knowledgeable about candidate demand

Many recruiters are focussed these days on talent pipelining: investing their time into building a high-quality portfolio of candidates. Leverage the benefits of technology to stay alerted to new job requisitions that match your candidate pipeline. Jobfeed goes beyond roles and industry categories and includes demand data for skills and professions, offering users a high level of granularity into changing labor market demand.

Automate market intelligence

Invest your time in building crucial relationships with clients, hiring managers, and candidates. Leave it to AI technology to automate alerting, market notifications and other demands on your time. Stay abreast of the latest postings, organizations and requirements - easily and effortlessly.

Jobfeed and Match!


By combining our Jobfeed and AI-powered Match! solution, agencies can automate talent matching to the latest job vacancies as they come available in real-time. Recruiters can now spend their time building candidate relationships and less time matching candidates and jobs.

Are you an outplacement, mobility or career re-entry advisor?

Jobfeed can help provide you with not only the latest job postings, but also insights and analytics to help position your candidates for future success.

Also, Jobfeed features tools that help coaches to monitor and understand the kinds of jobs that the candidate is looking for. This helps you provide the best advice possible and help to pivot candidates into new opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

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