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Jobfeed solves a variety of challenges that require real-time, trustworthy data insights about the actual demand for talent on local labor markets.

What is Jobfeed?

Customers choose Textkernel’s Jobfeed over other solutions because we offer:

  • For 11 markets across North America and Europe, including: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The United States.

  • The job market is competitive and constantly evolving. Stay abreast of the latest changes and trends – across industries and among your fiercest competitors.

  • Our data covers a wide range of job vacancy criteria so you can dive into the data and extract as much knowledge as required. Analyze local hiring needs by profession, job category, skills, city, region, company name and other firmographic information. Aggregate and/or sort data by year, week, month and more.

  • Making business decisions that will impact your competitiveness requires data that is de-duplicated, reliable and vetted.  Jobfeed checks all those boxes.

  • Jobfeed accurately determines the number of unique jobs by comparing every new job ad to all the job ads received in the past six weeks. You can also build reports by number of postings or unique jobs to get a complete analysis of the advertising behaviour of an organisation.

  • Jobfeed offers users the ability to create alerts, save searches, define company target lists, etc.  All to help you and your team stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest labor market developments.

  • Choose the data delivery option that works best for you: UI, API, or data feed.

  • Jobfeed has been supporting recruiting professionals with data insights for a number of years.  In fact, we recently celebrated that we had crossed our 1 Billion+. Our historial coverage varies by market.

    Please contact a sales representative to learn more about our coverage in your market.

  • Get classified and normalized data according to either profession and/or skill taxonomies to ensure accurate data analysis. We support our home-grown profession taxonomy, ISCO or country-specific taxonomies like O*NET-SOC (US), SOC (UK) and AMS (Austria).

  • Jobfeed offers an array of dashboard tools to help users better understand and conceptualize the data on hand. Jobfeed helps users better understand and interpret data by offering tools that help to draw conclusions from the data.

  • Jobfeed offers users the ability to create alerts, save searches, define company target lists, etc.  All to help you and your team stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest labor market developments.

Solutions for


Staffing and recruitment firms benefit from access to labor market data in a number of important ways:

  • Grow your business with hiring companies
  • Stay knowledgeable about candidate demand
  • Automate market intelligence
Solutions for


Corporations competing for the best talent can benefit from the powerful market and competitive insights that Jobfeed brings to your fingertips including:

  • Anticipate business talent needs with talent intelligence
  • Augment your competitive strategy with a talent perspective
  • Provide outgoing employees with access to latest new job postings
Solutions for

Job Boards

Job boards or publishing organizations that offer job vacancy information can benefit from Jobfeed. Ensure that your job market coverage is complete by using Jobfeed data to address any potential gaps.

Solutions for

Strategy Industries

Textkernel’s Jobfeed supports global management consultancies, strategy and market consultants that require trustworthy, accurate and real-time labor market data.

Data can be either incorporated into market-facing models and content or leveraged for custom client deliverables.

For Academic Institutions

Preparing tomorrow’s workforce is no easy task. Academic institutions seeking to understand the future demand for skills by employers can reinforce forward-looking market research with actual market demand data. Ensure that your curriculum reflects not only what employers think they will need and hire for in the future, but also integrate real-time, actual hiring practices into your forecasting models.

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Jobfeed, the labor market intelligence tool for professionals.

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